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Geo lighting Services (GLS) is an Indian based company started at 2018. We are providing all Geospatial Services with accurate data mapping to clients. Our Geo-spatial services includes LiDAR mapping, Mobile mapping, Remote sensing, GIS, of photogrammetry,BIM, Digital Terrain Model, Orthophoto production and 3D city modelling. Our team has well in good experience and performed all geospatial work particularly lidar projects in India and rest of India (USA, South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia). GLS’s client base includes many Lidar companies, engineering companies, oil and gas companies, governments and survey utilities.

What can LiDAR generate?

1.Number of Returns

2. Return Number

3. Digital Elevation Models

4. Digital Surface Models

5. Canopy Height Model

6. Light Intensity

7. Point Classification

8. Full waveform

9. Discrete LiDAR


    To meet the requirements of our clients, we ensure that our employees are well equipped to provide front-range turnkey solutions for them. Our employees are experienced in implementing proven standard geo-spatial processes and practices to ensure the project requirement. With above all, our employees possess high ethical and moral standards. Our employees are committed to our clients success. Geo Lightning services employees want to ensure that our outputs are sufficient/ surplus to meet the client business goals. In addition, we customise the client requirements accordingly. Hence, we ensure that, our professionals understanding the Geo- Spatial rolls for the specific market.

LiDAR Usage

o Tsunami prediction

o Watershed and stream delineation

o Dune monitoring

o Stormwater management

o Estimation of carbon absorption

o Laboratory testing

o Topography of Mars

o Mobile network planning

o Mapping of wireless signal

o Pollution modelling

o Tourism and park management

o Atmospheric physics

o Coastline management

o Aerosol distribution data

o Gas composition data

o Gaming

o Collision avoidance

o Autonomous cruise control

o Obstacle detection in autonomous vehicles

o Biology and conservation

o Earthquake damage

TerraMatch Process

o Apply correction

o Tie lines/Import points

o Tie lines/Search tie lines

o Tie lines/Search cloud-to-cloud

o Find match

o Find fluctuations

o Move forward/backward

o Measure match

o flightline macro

o tieline fluctuations

o Z tieline using terramatch tool

o Solve GPS trajectories.

o Match surfaces or tie lines to find the corrections of misalignment angles

o Solve fluctuating z

o Solve xyz position by using images and control points

o Cut overlap of point strips

o GCP - ground control point

o ALS - airborne laser scanning data

o MLS - mobile laser scanning data

Orthophoto Process

o Aerial photography

o Georeference

o Orthorectification

o Satellite image

o Requirements for orthophotos

o Difference between resolution and accuracy

o satellite images for use at TCPD

o Aerial photography

o Seamline editing

o Mosaic

o color balance,Dem fi

o Orthophoto Mosaics

o Digital Scanning

o Raster to Vector Digitisation

o Geo-Referenced Images

o Archival Photography

o Digital Ortho-photographyg

o Digital Ortho-photographyg

o Dem Extraction

o Interior Orientation

Mobile Mapping

o Road and highway systems

o Industrial infrastructures

o Rail lines

o Simplified street maps

o GIS (Geographic Information System)…

o 3D city models

o Urban furniture

o overpasses, underpasses

o Tunnel, galleries

o Road and highway structures

o Pavement geometry

o Slide rail height

o Signage…

o Factory

o Storage areas

o Quarries…

GIS Data Services

o Collection of data including public data and private, proprietary data

o Transformation and loading of data, including automated geocoding

o Analysis and presentation of data

o Conversion of data between formats

o Merging of multiple data sets

o Data creation - Aerial and Satellite Mapping to generate base maps, thematic maps, DEM (from stereo satellite data) and generate perspectives of systematic change.

o Data conversion and migration with expertise in handling data in variety of formats (AutoCAD/Microstation/MapInfo/ArcInfo Coverage to Geodatabase)

Photogrammetry Services

o Aerial Triangulation

o Texturing

o DEM / DTM Generation

o Stereo Compilation

o Topographic and Planimetric Feature Extraction (2D and 3D)

o Ortho Generation and True Ortho Generation

o Colour Balancing

o Mosaicking And Tile Generation

o Contour Generation

o 3D Terrain Visualization

o LIDAR Data Post Processing

o 3D Texturing

o Orthophotography Services

o Preparation of Point clouds file

o 3D modeling and volumetric

Geo Lightning services offers the following Data Creation services

  • Aerial & Mobile Matching
  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Mobile LiDAR Mapping

Terramatch Before

Mapping Junction

Terramatch After Correction

power line classification

Mapping Junction

Terramatch Before And After

power line classification

Road corridor classification

Road Mapping All Features

Geographic Information Systems

Geo Lightning services has well qualified industry expertise to deliver Geospatial solutions and services especially in Land Information Systems, Utility, Telecom, Transportation, Geology and Engineering sectors.

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